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Welcome to the Uganda BTVET Portal !!!

This portal establishes a single entry point for Uganda’s vocational training system and operates as a directory of individuals and organisations participating in or with an interest in the training of persons for jobs.

Furthermore, the portal provides a means of disseminating cross cutting information such as that related to Occupational Profiles and Certificates and Diplomas using the common language of the Ugandan Vocational Qualifications Framework.

This portal has many benefits but most important is as a means for companies and training providers to work closely together in the development and delivery of training. Advanced features such as job search and course search enable those persons seeking jobs to easily identify the training required for those jobs and where to get that training.

The structure of the portal supports and follows the objectives, principles and concepts of BTVET as described in the Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training Act, 2008.  In particular the portal enables the separation of the training delivery (see Training Providers, Directorate of BTVET and UGAPRIVI) from the quality assurance functions (see DIT and Qualifications Framework).  Furthermore, the portal describes the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework, Assessment and Certification in detail. 

Using the common language of the Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework and the information on this Portal Ugandans can close the gap between vocational training and the world of work.